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Blinken Hex Lights —

Time to upgrade some of my binary Blinkenlights plug-ins to 7-segment LED hexadecimal versions. In the design of my Hol-1 8-bit CPU I have been leaving rows of pin headers for the attachment of LED indicators. Mainly because you can never have enough Blinkenlights twinkling on a homebrew computer but also because they have their […]

Sequential Logic Tutor —

Following on from the Combinational Logic Tutor this next item is on the next rung up the computing evolutionary ladder. To explain I’d better start with combinational vs sequential logic theory. Combinational and Sequential Logic As seen in my previous post, connect the different logic gates and the Combinational Logic Tutor’s output is generally* a […]

Combinational Logic Tutor —

A COMPUKIT Combinational Logic Tutor ascends to Silicon Heaven. My Own Silicon Heaven For some variety and whilst I’m stuck at home under corona virus lock-down I thought I’d start to catalogue my old computer and test equipment collection. I’ll tag these as ‘Silicon Heaven’ because, according to Red Dwarf, that’s where electronic equipment goes […]

8-Bit CPU – Clock Fix —

Improving the clock signal on my 8-bit “Hol-1” CPU. As my homebrew 8-bit CPU takes shape I find I’m continually fighting temptation to re-design the boards that have been created so far. I realise though that that would be unproductive as no sooner had I created a version 2 of a board then I’d get […]