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Launching my website —

After setting up my Raspberry Pi Web Server and Configuring WordPress it was time to launch my website onto the Internet. But how can I do that on my basic home broadband service? This is what I did… Port Forwarding: My broadband router provides a firewall service that prevents anything on the Internet from accessing […]

Configuring WordPress —

Following on from my post to setup a Raspberry Pi Web Server I next needed to install a Content Management System (CMS). I chose WordPress because I wanted to get the site setup quickly and, for now, I have found WordPress to be reliable and easy to use. I won’t provide an installation guide because […]

Raspberry Pi Web Server —

This site is hosted on a credit card sized computer costing about £35 and a few pence per day in electricity. Yes, it’s a wimp in comparison to most computers and there are far easier ways to create a website, but where is the fun, challenge and learning in that? If you need a full […]