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Introducing clice —

My recent quest has been two-fold. To better understand software development processes within a GNU/Linux environment and to improve my working knowledge of SQL. Although familiar with coding on Linux I’m unfamiliar with code analysis tools, only recently started using Git and GNU Make and have yet to venture into using GNU Configure. I need […]

Bash Completion —

Command-line completion is a wonderful thing. If you get bored of typing a long filename (for example) you can just hit tab and it will complete the name for you. If the shell can’t be certain of which filename you wanted then you can hit tab again and either (depending on the shell) get a […]

Bare Metal OS —

OK this may not count as bare metal programming if I’m relying on the BIOS firmware for keyboard input and video output but it’s still pretty low level stuff. This is an operating system (fernOS) written in assembly language for Intel x86 based computers. I may also be pushing the definition of ‘operating system’ but […]

Linux Video Tips —

There are many open source solutions for recording and editing video. Here are a few that I prefer to use. Recording: I have a Raspberry Pi dedicated to running TVheadend. Not for streaming live TV (which it is very capable of) but because it provides an excellent recording service. The Pi hosts a website on […]

Launching my website —

After setting up my Raspberry Pi Web Server and Configuring WordPress it was time to launch my website onto the Internet. But how can I do that on my basic home broadband service? This is what I did… Port Forwarding: My broadband router provides a firewall service that prevents anything on the Internet from accessing […]

Backup my Raspberry Pi —

After setting up my Raspberry Pi Web Server and Configuring WordPress I should really start making some backup copies before something goes wrong. SD cards are fickle things and it doesn’t seem to take much for them to corrupt… Backing up the whole SD card: I’ll start by taking a complete image copy of the […]

Configuring WordPress —

Following on from my post to setup a Raspberry Pi Web Server I next needed to install a Content Management System (CMS). I chose WordPress because I wanted to get the site setup quickly and, for now, I have found WordPress to be reliable and easy to use. I won’t provide an installation guide because […]

Updating SeaMonkey on Puppy Linux —

Puppy Linux is a fast and reliable operating system for old computers and yet the distro contains nearly all the applications you may ever need. These apps are light-weight shadows of their bloated main-stream rivals but they’re quick, feature rich and open source. One such app is SeaMonkey, the default browser in Precise Puppy. One […]

Raspberry Pi Web Server —

This site is hosted on a credit card sized computer costing about £35 and a few pence per day in electricity. Yes, it’s a wimp in comparison to most computers and there are far easier ways to create a website, but where is the fun, challenge and learning in that? If you need a full […]